The truth about the 5 ”S”actresses.

Written by on 1 May 2018

CAMIFF just came to an end and same as last year, social media is flooded with sex scandals making it possible for one to think it’s a venue for people to have a misguided impression about the festival. We hope this changes soon and we get to potray all the progress the festival is making in the aspect of promoting  the Cameroonian movie industry and also our rich culture.

Now to the issue at hand. There was a post made by Stephanie Tum “This thing about female actresses turning young girls who admire them into ‘Nchindas’ and personal photographers is a demonic act, please stop blocking their destinies and reducing them to ass kissers. You make them look totally rediculous. Anybody who does this has serious complex issues” Valery Atia posted this on his timeline on Facebook and actresses Solange Ojong and Shelly Akenji commented in favour of her point


Apparently some fingers pointed at Solantine Egbe and Syndy Emade as being guilty of this act. Henriette Thatcher gets contacted by Solantine Egbe to pay her to put up a post sabotaging the names of Shelly, Solange and Stephanie and also accuse them of being the ones spreading the rumors of the sex scandal between herself and Zack Orji. Seen as Stephanie is from the same village as Henriette and is respected by her she decides to inbox Stephanie to put her in the know. I say sabatage for hearing truths

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Few days later we see a post on Facebook made by Henriette accusing Ojong Solange of spreading runirs about the said scandal.Thatcher later on took down the post after she was confronted by Solange and other negative comments. We should also note that Henriette pit out an apology regarding her post.


All said and done, I think we should all be responsible for our actions. Don’t thrive on sabotage and negative energy. Our Industry is growing and we need to support each other so we all grow quicker. All this bad blood is not worth it in the end.

Congratulations to all those who won at the Cameroon International Film Festival. Keep up the good work.

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