U.S. Embassy refused to grant VISAS to the Cameroon female military footballers. See why

Written by on 23 June 2018

The world female Military  football Tournament was set to take place yesterday the 22nd of June 2018 in Texas (U.S.A). We just received information that the Yaounde based U.S embassy  refused to grant Visas to the female military team and the few journalists that were selected to accompay them.

This action has kept a thousand Cameroonians wondering and pondering as to why such a big blow as some asking rhetorical questions like could this be called territorial jail? Could this be a diplomatic sanction? Or could be international isolation? The Anglo-phone Crisis is one the issues disrupting peace and the political stability in Cameroon. The U.S ambassador to Cameroon once wrote a letter to president Paul Biya expressing his opinion on how the crisis could be solved. As it was rumoured that in that letter he stated that president Paul Biya should resign as a way to calm down matters.  Could this be the reason why they refused to grant Visas to the Cameroon female military  foot ball team  ? I doubt!

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Our informant equally told us that the Visas were denied because those females selected to represent Cameroon in Texas were not part of the military. The U.S embassy discovered that and decided to hold on. Check this screenshot below

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  1. Ayen   On   23 June 2018 at 1:32 pm

    237 dans la sauce. The earlier an all inclusive dialogue is called for the better for everyone.But how will a country be sending out players to participate in a military Football competition when they are not in the Millitary? This is Cameroon.

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