Stanley Enow’s Controversial Interview Spurs Continental Music Debate: “Cameroon Music Would Challenge That of Nigeria”

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Cameroon’s most ambitious and most optimistic aesthetically pleasing artist boldly comes in front of the most  populous  Nigerian Entertainment Platform Pulse HQ to talk about his music career and how Cameroon music can get bigger from Nigeria. Stanley Enow remains the “king kong” we knew in 2013 when he had released “hein pére”. This prolific singer made a very controversial statement  that  Cameroon will take over African Music from Nigeria . Nigerians have stormed his page with insults. Read more below and see a very interesting debate on Stanley Enow.

Stanley is blessed with mutiple talents. He is the only artist Cameroon can confidently boast of as far as international Collabo is concerned. He is a rapper, radio and TV presenter and voice actor. The co-owner of the record label Mother land Empire’s statement shows how patriotic and loyal he can be. This is indeed a strategy and a big assignment to Nigerians to visit google , get statistics and rate Cameroon Music performance. 

As a matter of fact, Stanley has made some excellent Collabos with the biggest names  like Sarkodie and Davido. Famous “Caramel” with Davido of Ngeria will forever remain on everyone’s lip though, criticisms are apparent from some of his haters . They say Caramel has gained just 449,609 you tube views which is below expectation. Comparatively, Davido’s Flora my flawa released just 9 days ago has gained 1, 992, 726 you tube views already ,a sign of failure for Caramel . Is it because Stanley was involved? Question quite rhetorical. 

Again, looking at a Collabo Davido did  with Larry  Gaaga which was published on January 28th 2018 has gained 569, 631 views already which metaphorically goes beyond Caramel’s views. 

Cameroonian music lovers  are on serious debate . Some against Stanley and some in support of him. Some say, he made a good statement of Cameroon music soon getting better than Nigerian music a statement which would have been best addressed by Daphne Nji who sings excellently well in English and French gaining you tube views and likes. Forexample, her Calee is now on 15+ million you tube views which is just 10 months old. Her Jusqu’a la gare has gained  537, 386 you tube views. Respect to Daphne Nji

We are proud of Stanley Enow for he sparked up the music spirit in Cameroon in 2013 with Hein pére which has gained 1, 104,796 you tube views. He remains the king despite the loathe and hate languages from some Cameroonians and Nigerians . Bravo Stanley Enow may you continue to create openings.

 E KWAT TV will advice his vocal highness Stanley to help collaborate with local and upcoming Cameroonian artists that are coming up. This will promote them and intensify competition in the 237 music industry. Also, looking at the music industry only few names are heard repeatedly it is high time we add some of this upcoming artists making some efforts to increase the crew so that we widen up and can be proud of confidently telling Nigeria of we will soon challenge them.

Listen and enjoy his “hein pére” below.

Author: Ndicho Boris. Visit E KWAT TV BLOG for positive vibes.

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  1. Eyong Jzy says:

    Hello greetings to you all out there ,I am Georges Eyong a rapper known as Eyong Jzy. I am impress with Stanley Enow statement visioning Cameroon taking over the microphone fromfrom one of our closeth neighbours “Nigeria”in the music industry over years to come. This is so cuz over the 5 past years(2013-2018) when stanley released his hit ” Hein Pere” which hit across Africa & da world at large turned to awaken many Cameroonian young & talented artists who were still layin in their slumps & 2years later(2015) we start seeing other young talented Cameroon artists raising up in great numbers such as Loko,Desnati le Tigre,Jovi,Co-C,Dalphn Nji,Big G Baba,Eyong Jzy ,Magasco,Mr Leo & his crew,Rythmes,X-Malaya just to mention a few as many more as sproying up with great inspirations doing even better.Thus i strongly agree with Stanley’s vision not only dream of seeing Cameroon music industry to challenge the Nigeria music industry,this view can be envisage this way:(1)The Cameroonian artists cut across the southern part of Cameroon (East & West Cameroon) making it a great compitition of better lyrics (juice)within thus a call for improvement & challenge for the artist to be creative & perform better.Also Cameroon having more than 200ethnicethnic mother tongue permits a better mixture & colabo of artists from diversediverse historical & cultural background to collaborate & thus perform better just like Loko,Tigre,Tenoh etc while the Nigerians got limitations cuz they got just 3ethnic groups(Hausa,Igbo & Yoroba) limiting them and finally Nigerian music industry have suffered a lot decades to get where the P-Squares,Timaya,2Face etc to get to the ultimate today but us the young talented Artists from Cameroon get up from slumps/bottom work heard stayin focus to our dreams & get international in a single release of excellent track that cuts across African continent & da world as a whole with great vibrant.N.B:The only thing I got for Cameroon artists as a piece of advice is that they need to work hard,stay focus to their dreams & believe in themselves and most of all they need peace & unity so that they can be able to collaborate in the music industry & out of the industry too with their brothers & sisters (Colleagues) sharing ideas & talent to make the best & go higher just like the very 1st Step Stanley took with all these put together I see Cameroon music industry a great success and finally the Industry needs sponspors to help the young artists realize their dreams. I Love u all,chaooo.By Eyong Jzy AKA Bayangi boy,Buuum

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