Stop consuming maggi cube. See the number it killed …….

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Maggi really makes your meal delicious but see the latest news I found about it . Oh!! God have mercy​
Remember to no longer consume MAGGI CUBE. Customs have recovered and shipped a good quantity of fake MAGGI Cube to Senegal where it has killed 196 people. It came from China. It’s alleged that MAGGI cube contains deadly chemical substances. For those who know MAGGI cube, look closely at it and you will understand. Please,  If you are in doubt, go to google “bouillon culinaire 

This are health most pressing issues we should take into considerations. Better be informed than being a victim. 


  1. Amina IG Bako says:

    please how can I identify the fake Maggi cube? Thank you.

    • E-kwat TV says:

      Fake Maggi were shipped from Senegal made of poisonous substance. That was an alarm for people to be wise. Before using Maggi cubes look at the cube closely and ensure it has normal brown colour of Maggi; any other colour know it’s fake

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