Tenor tells Urban Jams Award to remove his name from the list of Norminees.


People didn’t believe us when we wrote an article last time criticising the Urban Jam Award. A lot of criticisms were directed toward the choice of nominees and some people considered us to be the villains in the story. Tenor has proven that UBJ is a banana award by asking the team to remove his name from the list of nominees.

Tenor was nominated  under best new artist but it seems like he didn’t like the category considering all what he has achieved in the music industry. His comment was probably hidden because it no longer on under the post. We tried to get in touch with the artist to get more reasons why he wanted his name off the list, unfortunately, he was not available to answer.

UJA results were published on Valery Atia’s Facebook page with a special jury put in place to designate the winners. Votes from fans were not really considered because they thought it was unfair to those areas who didn’t have internet connection.

Tenor is not the only camer artist to ask an award committee to remove his name from the list of nominees. Last year, Maahlox le vibeur asked Canal D’or to remove his name from their “witchcraft award“.



  1. Anonymous says:

    lies lies lies….reason your site remains invisible.that comment is still there and TENOR posted the same Urban Jamz AWARDS result after he won.Guess you did no see that…LMAO

    • E-kwat TV says:

      Fact still remains Tenor discredited UJA with his comment at the time this article was written. The proof is in the article!!!

      Thank you for reading…and continue to visit the invincible blog that will soon trend!

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