237 Music Business in Douala, a way for Stanley Enow to share his secret.Details 

Written by on 20 May 2018

He is spunky with wondrous sights and blessed with knowledge . This genial 237 retired blogger ( Bonteh Engelbert) decided to solve the problem of those who have been yearning to monetize their arts by organising a prestigious “work shop” in Douala for showbiz influencers, media personalities, established institutions, business men and investors to meet , network and share ideas on how Cameroon Entertainment industry can be best improved upon.

This is however, the first ever gathering in the history of Showbiz between social media influencers and great personalities to discuss about business. Guest speakers were all amazing, they dressed very flamboyantly, catching everyone’s eye both in their talks and image enhancement. Tony Nobody, Clarisse Ndingue, Atome, Prince Enobi, and our smart prolific singer Stanley Enow

Prince Enobi a brilliant and hardcore pillar of Cameroon showbiz who is also manager to X-maleya talked of  what it takes to manage and run affaires for one. He was not speaking as a lame man but as an experienced manager in the field. He highlighted that, the role of an artist’s manager is not to solely negotiate contracts but to see he/she observes the music production process from studio right up to delivery. An artist’s manager should be a strong fan of the artist and should supervise all activities and moves of the artist . He equally brought in an important point in his talk of some  artists  who consider themselves celebrities already due to one or two songs they have produced. 

He said maintaining good relationship with your closest friends and family is a bold step to your success as an artist. To him, when your friends talk positive about you, the whole quarter will talk positive about you, soon the whole region will know you , then national fame follows. He criticised and condemned artists who hurrily write on their pages calling supporters as fans. He said a good artist should have more likes and comments on stuffs he post on his private accounts not on his/her official page .

Stanley Enow, one of most swift, fluent, exquisit and 237 star talked on strategies to write good songs. He adviced all artists to always make inter-urban tours especially to leisure sites with their song books and pens, to him, this attractive tranquil sites are condusive environment where inspiration can be easily drawn. Do you agree with him? Sure! He has been putting out very cool sounds out there and  that is why he stays winning in the game. 

Stanley was faced by this question from a fan ” WHY IS YOUR NAME THE ONLY NAME MAKING WAVES WHEN WE HAVE OTHER ARTISTS IN CAMEROON WHO SING EVEN BETTER?”   Stanley Enow replied “ I’M NOT LUCKY I’M BLEESSED” Was the music fan trying to insinuate that Stanley is in a secret society? I doubt! Stanley remains lucky and blessed . May he continue to make Cameroon proud.

All in all, the event was a wonderful one. Congratulations to the organisers though time was not respected but it was a fun filled event. 


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  1. Ayen   On   21 May 2018 at 8:06 am

    A good artist Should have more likes on his personal account than his official page. Too hard cos pple are like he’s just that guy from the block and have turned into spirits. We’re just so unsupportive. Yes Cameroonians aren’t proud of theirs. Kudos to e-kwat and many who strive so hard to take this industry to anoda level.

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