DONKEY OF THE DAY: GOMEZ, Apology to Blanche Bailly

Written by on 7 November 2017

Gomezzzzz! Weh, was that really an apology? I thought I was reading a draft script to a Nigerian movie. I didn’t even read it all, nor properly – because I distracted and disappointed by the melody drama. A simple direct sorry would have been sufficient not that essay filled with roundabouts and left turns.

Why do people come on social media to make noise and rant only to retract it later or delete – (Queen of rants Jovi)? Even the devil will not claim this type of misbehaviour. He has more serious chaos to be causing in the word, so please don’t blame this one on the devil ooo.

Blanche Bailly deserves a more serious apology! We too, your disappointed fans want to hear your own version so we can really put this matter to rest!!! Please release it….

O’boy style “whocasam”?

Just a quick FYI for everyone because I have a feeling Gomez will not release his own Dinguo. My team has heard the song, first of all go down low… 😂😂😂.


There are no similarities to Blanche’s Dinguo; in fact, the beat for Gomez ‘Deng’ was a copy of Davido’s ‘if’ or ‘fall’ which ever. That was the first comment made in our ekwat team discussion. If by using the word Deng means you’ve plagerised someone; Jovi needs to beef any body that uses the word mboko. Nobody should use Mimba, Calee, Jamais, Supporter etc in any song? RODFDWL!!!

There are better names to be brought forward in this industry for people who are copying. If you don’t know then you’re not really following the industry.

On a more serious note, Gomez is talented and this thing will blow over, just focus on the music.





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