Two Fashion houses are accused of ruining Orock Solange’s “Little Cindy” Red carpet dress.

Written by on 12 May 2018

Little Cindy Movie premier was one of the most anticipated movies premier in Cameroon after that of Cyndy Emade’sA Man For The Weekend” and Theirry NtamackLa Patrie D’abord” . Everything went on well yesterday in Chariot Hotel Buea but nothing was moving for one of the lead actresses of the movie. Orock Solange’s red carpet dress was ruined. 

The actress didn’t show up for the premier in Buea because her dress was ruined. Not only one but four. The furious actress didn’t reveal the name of the designer on Facebook but one of the crew Akenji Shelly who was the script girl had to call names. On the comment section of Henriette Thatcher’s post, she accused We Trend Ankara and Margo’s Mode of ruining Orock Solange four dresses. Read screen shot below.

The two fashion houses have not yet reacted to the accusations.

Designers have been on the spot light these days not because of their beautiful designs but because of polemics. One of Cameroon’s top actress’ Stephanie Tum called on her colleagues to boycott local designs because “They Insult those in the movie industry”. A certain client accused Amah Bertrand of Amah Fashion house of delivering a dress poorly done. 

I think our designers have to be professional when it comes to delivering products to our celebrities. Celebrities sell the image of the brand when they put on these cloths. We hope that Orack Solange will sort things out and we hope to see her in the Next Premier in Limbe.

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