Is the Buea/Bamenda exodus to French speaking regions a means to promote Bilingualism and living together?

Written by on 19 September 2018

The Anglophone Lawyers and Teachers grievances that was demonstrated in form of a strike in 2016 had gradually morphed into a crisis which is now taking a different phase with adverse consequences . The massive killing in the two regions has left a majority of Cameroonians in complete fear and panic.

The presidential elections scheduled for 7th October, 2018 has increased a strong uncontrollable emotion and panic as rural exodus is now very apparent . It was on the 6th of September, 2018 that the governor of South West visited some motor agencies in Buea reassuring migrants of their security and protection if they stay back home . However, on the other hand the North West governor Adolph Lele Lafrique cautioned agency managers to ensure there is thorough check of luggage(s) before departure of buses and equally added that if any dangerous or war weapon is found in any buses , serious sanctions will be placed on the agency.

Yes! it is undeniable that there have been mayhem , torture and killings in both regions and many deaths registered tagging the crisis one of the bloodiest ever .As a matter of fact, Some social media users rather looked at the movement of Anglophones especially the youths to French speaking areas as a way to promote National unity, National integration , togetherness, bilingualism and oneness.

Most Anglophone students have filled up schools in French zones due to school disruption in the Anglophone regions as explained by fear and panic following threats . The notion of insecurity has made parents send their children to French zones for studies, which is seen as an opportunity for them to master the French language as they will mingle and become use to the French language and be perfectly bilingual. Some say it will strengthen the bond and living together as the French will pick up some of our cultures and we gain theirs as well. One is tempted to ask this question… What becomes of the less privilege Anglophone parents who are incapable of sending their children to French zones due to lack of finances, how will they feel while at home?Quite rhetorical!

Many are still for a genuine and inclusive dialogue. So that everlasting Peace and calm can return . All in all, a genuine dialogue will free people from fear and panic and schools can go on operationally in perfect tranquility . Lets all remain resolute and have the believe things will one day change . Stay with us at ekwat TV for better educative contents. Thanks for visiting .

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