To distinctly be categorized as an “Award “rather than some other type of ceremonial or arbitrary recognition, there should be a clear process of nominations, award criteria, and appropriate judging process. Generally, recognition by a set of peers, acknowledging quality of work, rather than a ‘popularity contest’ is considered to be an authentic award. Some supposed to be  prestigious and authentic Cameroonian awards are regarded as “SHITHOLE” awords . Let’s look at the URBAN JAMZ AWARD 2018 and its criticisms ..

An award is refered to as a trophy or medal  that denotes an accomplishment, especially in a competition. A prize or honor based on merit. However, today’s Cameroonian awards seem to tell a contrary story. We have been carefully analysing the nominees lists of Urban Jamz Award 2018, we realised it is more of an “Anglophone award”. 

Why term it an Anglophone award? Most or if not all are Anglophone artists . Meaning Francophone artists were ignored . To exemplify this point , we should understand that only  three Francophone artists were nominated in this urban Jamz award 2018( Tenor , Minks )  If proper research was done by the organisers they would have realised that the following Francophone artists both established and upcoming are doing extremely well. The country is at a state of “disorder” people chanting of unity which should begin from our very own awards example. Diversify the nominee’s list to touch all .

  • Dynastie
  • Mimie
  • Nabila 

  •  Prosby-
  •  Duc-z-
  •  Franko-
  •  Stypak samo-
  •  Denise naafa-
  • Jem’m-
  •  Quilfreed meyou-
  • Ne grie
  • Ztra- 
  • Cecile Gaelle-
  • Inna money 
  • Teddy Doherty

It is inarguably and indisputably clear that most Anglophone artists sing excellently well in French and are gaining the French Market than the French artists themselves . Daphne Nji is an example. This should not make us undermind the input of French artists as stated above. Factually speaking,  Daphne is talented but she has been nominated in almost all categories which limits the chances other artists could gain too recognition to encourage them to grow. Daphne is already recognised both naionally and internationally she should have featured in atleast two categories as recognition not up to four categories . See below…

  • Best music video performance= Calee
  • Best Afro pop performance= Calee
  • Best female artist= Daphne
  • Song of the year= Daphne 

Ambe’s “Vitesse” came in within very short noticed but it has been making waves lately which under mormal circumstance it equally stands the taste to be nominated under Best Music Video Performance though it preaches nothing but immorals . However, the energy displayed in that video captures minds of Cameroonians as Mr Leo and Salatiel almost got crazy on stage during Cliq fest with Ambe’s Vitesse dance. 

To the organisers of awards , We have a few awards ceremony ideas in mind that will turn the affair into a fun-filled evening while paying homage to those being honoured. Establish a team of serious researchers , disburse funs to them let them do some findings and establish nominee lists then you could seek public opinion just to see if it corresponds to the findings . Not just accepting any name proposed for nomination . Secondly , not all Cameroonians use facebook nor can understand how a website functions . Votes should be casted locally through text messages especially this period of internet black out in some regions to make the award authentic and free from criticisms. Thirdly , organisers should use media houses and local radio stations to announce and direct voters on how to vote. With this, it will erradicate fatal criticisms  from public .


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