Vanessa Monjoa’s victory of Mutzig Star singing Competition Spurs National debate. Details

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Brasseries du Cameroun a leading drink production Company in Cameroon has magnanimously impart Cameroon through her promotional ideas and strategies.This company took an “ode” since 1990 to promote young aspiring music talents, budding musical artists into a musical contest where a winner is awarded at the end of the competition. 

The winner benefits from a coveted trophy, a sum of  FCFA 1, 000,000, a brand new Car, 25 crates of drinks and equally signs a production contract with brasseries of FCFA 15, 000,000 and automatically becomes a member of the company. Brasseries promotes the artist’s song during her sales promotion Campaigns. However, this do not only benefits the winner but also benefits the company as it gives its products wide exposure, and generates positive word of mouth communication from its customers to others about the product which enables the company improve on its sales.

Vanessa emerged as winner of this prestigious Music Contest which is the 27th edition held in Douala  on the 14th of December 2017 sponsored by Manu Dibango. Twenty three years old Vanessa who hails from the South West region of Cameroon  was identified as the talent of the year( A dream Come True).

Social Media users in their usual styles lavishly bashed the Mutzig star competion organisers for the denial or delay to award Vanessa. The virality flow of this information on social media became a worry which needs proper answers . I ( Ndicho Boris ) of E KWAT TV  decided to Contact Kimbi Emmanuel who won the Mutzig star competition in 2012/2013,  and he confidently told me he was awarded 3months later after his victory. He equally disclosed a number of hidden facts about Mutzig Star Competition.

He starts by narrating that he has been contesting for this competition for 7years and the 8th year he won and was given a prize and his car three months later. It should  however, be noted that Vanessa won in December and this month of March marks exactly three months. Kimbi Emmanuel authoritatively  told  Ekwat tv that there are administrative procedures to follow . It is a big ceremony which demands a representative of the ministry of culture be present, the Divisional Officer of the said region be present and the Governor . Following the Anglophone crisis that has left the two regions in fear and panic coupled with restriction of social gatherings has equally contributed to its delay. He assured us that Vanessa will be awarded in this month of March and added that the social media rant might discredit Vanessa ( the company might think she is behind the rant) and it might possibly ruin her music career . Lets all stay glued to Mutzig star page, if by March end no statement yet, we all should understand it is due to the political unrest in the Country. We equally congratulate Aaron who won this contest last year.

Our advice to  Mutzig star singing competion organisers: Try as much to award winners of your contest a week after proclamation of results. This will reduce pressure from Fans. As a matter of fact, we appreciate and Congratulate you for your efforts in promoting young talents.  Thanks for visiting Ekwat tv blog. Read us always.

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