Video: Maurice Kamto drags Prof Messanga Nyamding to court after he accused him of Homosexuality.


Just three days to election, we are already getting shocking revelations about some of the presidential candidates. Last week, popular activist, Boris Bertolt accused Presidential hopeful Carbral Libii of being an argent of the ruling party CPDM.

Yesterday October 4th, Maurice Kamto who was guest on a political pogram on Canal 2 international. During the pogram, he said his lawyers will drag Prof Messanga Nyamding to court. What really happen?

Prof. Messanga Nyamding is one of the most faithful supporters of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement ( CPDM ). Some days back, he accused Maurice Kamto of having sexual relationship with a young man. 

“Bring me a complaint if you want, I will show you a video of Minister KAMTO naked in sexual relations with a boy. And be careful, the boy in question lives, “

he said.

Prof Maurice Kamto was not please with hos declarations and has decided to drag prof Messanga Nyamding. Affaire a suivre. 

Below is a video of Messanga Nyamding on Afrique Media and Maurice Kamto’s reaction.

watch HERE

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