Video: Bak Attak drops new track to fight against breast cancer

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Very difficult these days to find true legends  like BAK ATTAK.  The fight against breast cancer by many scientists and health practitionals still remains  unfelt.  This brilliant,  tallented newest breed of encouragers BAK ATTAk summarises it in a track to  maximum simplicity  for a clear understanding.  Unless you are not affected,  you will never understand what it means.

BAK ATTAK summarises it clear to you, a story of a girl who fights against cancer and equally encourages those with the disease  to battle for quick recovery. In this month October, BAk ATTAk reveals  plans to participate in the fight against Breast Cancer, BAK ATTAK wanted to join the project of the film BRISEE-ER which tells the story of a girl who fights against Cancer .

The title “Ma Guerriere”, is thus his participation in the soundtrack of the film BRISEE-ER. We invite you through this clip to discover the message of BAK ATTAK .Which encourages all those who suffer from this disease for quick recovery

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