Watch Video of a “white “lady who did plastic surgery and became “Black”…..

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Terrible!!! While some Blacks envy to look like the whites, some whites equally envy to look like Blacks. Martina has become news on social platforms . She confidently and boldly revealed during a show known as  “Mauray show” that she has been carrying out theatre operations (surgeries) to gain  black colour skin. According to Martina , she enjoys the Blacks and their culture and she wants to be part of it.

Martina’s husband by name Michael , who was  white coloured skin equally did surgery to become Black. Martina probably got inspiration from her husband Michael.Famous Michael Jackson who is now of late also did surgery to look like a white and was reportedly given injections to gain white colour. Martina has decided to take on the challenge. This should ring a bell to us that we are highly admired by the whites.

God is the giver of life. Be happy with the colour you have and only  put in efforts in seeing yourself neat and clean. Watch the video below and drop your comments ……….Thanks for visiting .Always  connect with E KWAT TV Blog for updates. 

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