How to Shoot a Cost-Effective Wedding Video Using Your Smart Phone

Written by on 3 February 2017

Our smartphones have reached new heights, and today, it is fully possible to use them as a replacement for a camera on some occasions. Sure, you might not be able to create a blockbuster movie using only your smartphone, however, as far as filming events or weddings go, these things will serve great.

Of course, you cannot simply take out your smartphone and start filming and hope you’ll end up with a satisfying wedding video. In order to pull it off you will need to have a strategy, and the following article will point you in the right direction. Here, we will discuss how to shoot a cost-effective wedding video using only smartphones.

 Organize your crew

If this is to be a budget friendly solution, you need to hand pick people you know and trust to be your cameraman. It would be ideal if those people have a quality camera on their smartphone, and if not, see if you can borrow smartphones with the best possible cameras from people at the wedding. The people you pick will have to pass on the early round of drinks or simply drink in really limited amounts.

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The crew should consist of 3-4 people so that you can effectively cover an entire event from all of the best angles. One can film the bride walking down the aisle, one can film the guests as they stand up, one can film the groom as he gazes upon the lovely bride, etc. All of this can be combined into one incredible video so, the more different angles you can cover, the better.


Since you have a team of people on your side, you won’t have to go through too much planning; all you will need is good organization. It was already stated how you can cover all of the important angles; all you need is basically to see where everyone will be positioned during three phases: pre-wedding, wedding and ceremony.


  • A video of the wedding dress and the groom’s outfit before they are worn.
  • Preparation for makeup
  • The groom putting on his bow tie
  • Videos and photos of family and friends before the wedding ceremony
  • Videos of the place where the wedding ceremony will be held
  • The bride as she walks down the aisle
  • Shots of rings
  • Shots of attendants as they look at the bride
  • The bride as she throws the bouquet
  • The couple as they exchange their vows
  • Footage of family members and guests at their tables
  • Shots of the venue at the wedding ceremony
  • Speeches
  • The first dance at the ceremony
  • The guests as they dance and have fun
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Equipment for the job

In order for smartphones to be steady, you should get tripod or a GorillaPod. You should also have equipment for audio and lighting, so that the video can sound like it was filmed by professionals, without audio breaking because the microphone could not sustain the intensity of the sound. Lastly, you should edit the video using a video editing program, or find someone who can do that for you like video caddy. This way, you will combine all the footage into one meaningful wedding video.

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