Why do some kamer artists prefer to release just a single song in a year? Case study: Blanche Bailly.

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Statistics has proven that individuals express their thoughts through songs. There is always an opportunity somewhere for musicians regardless of the genre of music they produce. The curiousity to know why some Cameroonian artists release one single song a year has made me get deep into research to clarify doubts.

Why do some Kamer artists prefer to release just a single song in a year?  To answer this question, permit me borrow this business acronym “The SWOT Analysis“. Each artist should seat back and evaluate  their  strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in their music careers. 

You will quickly agree with me without hesitation that Blanche Bailly has just about three single releases but yet, she’s still one of the female names that can not be ignored in group discussions. In 2015, she came up with “Killa” which made waves and she claimed her spot in the industry. She later on dropped “kam we stay” and in 2017 she shocked all her fans with “Dinguo” as she is today nicknamed “dinguo diva“. 

Why is she succeeding in music despite the fact she got just 3 single releases? This is where our SWOT analysis sets in to answer this question. Releasing a  single song a year makes her stay relevant. She has reduced the chances of producing wack songs , she has given an impression to fans she takes time to prepare herself before delivery which makes her outstanding . Secondly, this has permitted her, to take time and promote her songs to make sure the quality she gives out is consumed to infinity as 1/2 of music lovers masters the lyrics A month is not sufficient enough to promote a song in any impactful or effective way which in the end implies your energy and strength put in was not fully consumed. There have been questions lately  why Blanche produces less songs but dresses in most classic styles to provoke social media talks? In my opinion it is a strategy she uses to keep her fans busy, with that she has succeed to get fans loyalty . 

This takes us to the conclusion , Blanche has as strength the singing talent, as weakness she has embraced western culture than African culture from her dressing style which rather makes her unique and keep her fans busy with talks. As opportunity she is hired and highly paid to grace mind blowing events and the various music tours she does, and as threat, Blanche is highly challenged by Daphne as Daphne releases so many songs in a year keeping her fans highly engaged .Is there any other female artist doing well as Blanche and Daphne? Let’s watch out on Mihney, though new in the game but She seems to be the next big thing.Well! Blanche is announcing her new single entitled “Bon Bon” . The word “Bon Bon” brings to mind sweetness, we can’t wait to suck the bon bon . Let’s all anticipate.

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