Month: November 2017

The president of the republic has convoke a security meeting for Friday December 1st in Yaoundé. The meeting is aimed at evaluating the security situation of the country. Top military officials in the national territory are expected to attain the meeting.  All these comes after more than ten genderms and police officers were killed in […]

Hey guys, do you remember the article we wrote on a Ugandan theif who return stolen items after bees were send on him? If yes, something similar happened in Douala, Cite de Palmier, yesterday November 29th. A man was forced to return stolen items after bees arrested him in Uganda. An unidentified man was covered […]

Cette fois ci, le drame se passe à Douala. Un homme appelant à l’aide en déambulant dans la rue (cité des palmiers), recouvert d’abeilles mystiques. Il y a deux jours ce même cas était signalé en Ouganda.  La technique ici, consiste à faire un ”remède” qui ira toucher le voleur de son bien peu importe […]

Le rêve devient bientôt réalité.  Les ordinateurs ont déjà quittés la Chine, ayant pour marque PB qui signifie (Paul Biya). Bientôt, les étudiants des universités d’État recevront chacun un ordinateur comme humble contribution du Chef de l’État pour qu’ils progressent aisément dans leurs études. Malgré l’annonce de ces ordinateurs qui arrivent, les avis restent mitigés.  […]

Le dernier featuring de l’artiste S-Thetik et du rappeur Koppo aborde l’apologie de la Femme d’une manière assez particulière.  Ils ont décidé de chanter pour la femme qui n’est plus ”mariable”; notre soeur qui a eu un, deux ou trois enfants hors mariage et qui trime pour trouver un homme sérieux à nouveau. Les artistes confessent leur […]

A giant but dangerous specie of rat has been discovered. This rat specie was first discovered in Pakistan but its now spread all over the world. Statistics shows that : this rat specie has a very strong poison that kills immediately as it bites.  This elusive creature looks more like a snake but scientists qualify […]

Journalist are in trouble. We just received information from the national Assembly that a journalist from Radio Saintou was chased out from the National Assembly by Military men. SDF MPs blocks Philemon yang from presenting budget  talks in Parliament until the Anglophone problem is adressed. Serge Aime Bikoi was banned from covering the plenary seating. […]

Today the 29th of November 2017, reports from the National house of Assembly says : Social Democratic Front  parliamentarians blocks the Cameroons prime minister Philemon Yang,  from presenting budget talks  in Parliament until Anglophone problem is adressed .   The  trouble at the Cameroon National House of Assembly is real as  the Speaker brought film armed […]

President Paul Biya’s promise of free laptops for all university students in Cameroon is becoming a dream come true. Gossip has it that, the laptops had left China for Africa already bearing a mark PB meaning (PAUL BIYA). The less priviledged Cameroonian university students who could not possess any before will now have access to […]

One of camer’s top bloggers Bate Nina posted a nude pic online which according to her was that Magasco. She posted the pic on facebook with this caption in pidgin. Good morning 237 magasco, you too di send nude pic to girls hmmmmm  this 237 artist them no go kill man with surprise. Guys what’s […]

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