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21 year old beauty queen, model and first runner up of the Miss cameroon beauty pageant 2018 Mercy Joyce will represent 237 in the Miss Globe contest, this event is schedule for November at Tirana, Albania.     It’s should be remembered  that This beauty queen and model represented cameroon at the Miss Africa Beauty […]

A Ghanian man was shocked by the appearance of his wife after three days of their wedding. Fashion has come to fix and at same time to destroy. Women tend to embrace facial decoration (make ups) than their natural beauties. This has made some men to be lust by their appearances, though some men are […]

Hello guys.  Now before I say something, I will love to say I LOVE and RESPECT all Cameroonian models who go NUDE on photo shoots. Just like any other artist, these group of people have decided to brave the challenges that come along with going nude infront of the Camera. Being a new concept in […]

La beauté de la petite Esther Grâce envoute la toile depuis qu’elle a été découverte ; il y a une semaine. Ses tâches de rousseurs, le bleu de ses yeux, son handicap mais surtout sa candeur. De nombreux artistes camerounais lui ont rendu hommage par des portraits aussi fabuleux les uns que les autres. Des […]

Kibonen Nfi most smartest Cameroonian designer has succeeded to grab international attention with her innovativeness  and craftmanship .She was  issued  an invitation to represent Cameroon in the first Common Wealth Exchange Innitiative.This spectacular event was celebrated at  Buckingham palace in England. Common Wealth Fashion , a project that aims at uniting fashion designers, artisans and creative […]

In a very luxery and prestigious manner the first Lady of Cameroon Chantal Biya crowned the elected Miss Cameroon Caroline Nseke. The joy in Nseke’s heart that beautiful day , could be weighed and measured one hundred percent . Nseke shocked Cameroonians with her none mastery of the Cameroon National Anthem which became social Media […]

Its easy to spot designer shoes in buea with Chinese or fake shoes litter everywhere in the market. Seeing a celeb putting on fake designer shoes is a call for cencern. Netizens are accusing two buea base socialites of Wearing fake Balenciagas. T-Pana Wynchester who is a Video Vixen and  Mell Champion Gibson who is […]

Après une longue esplanade de moqueries prononcées par le Cameroun vis-à-vis de la miss Cameroun 2018, Caroline Aimée Nséké, elle a pris son courage à deux mains pour essuyer son erreur et rétablir sa notoriété. «Je l’admets et je reconnais de plein gré… Jusqu’à présent je n’avais pas eu plusieurs occasions de régulièrement chanter l’hymne […]

After being mocked online for none mastery of the Cameroon national anthem , Caroline Aimee NSEKE, Miss Cameroon 2018 came out clear without any fear to clarify the public and wipe out  the shame.”Yes I admit it and recognize it willingly … I still have not had the opportunity to regularly sing the national anthem […]

Depuis quelques temps, le Cameroun est choqué par la miss Cameroun 2018 (Suisse-Camerounaise) incapable de chanter notre hymne national. Les paroles sacrées sont littéralement baffouées par celle qui se devrait modèle de la jeune femme d’origine camerounaise. Face à cette cacophonie orchestrée par le COMICA, Chantal Ayissi, elle, dit STOP! Née d’un père ancien champion […]

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