This happened yesterday May 11 according to tweets from one of Cameroon’s top journalists Elie Smith who is also reporting on the current crisis in the North West and south West regions. A police inspector in charge of armory in the police college in Mutengene( south west region) was caught with large quantity of ammunition. […]

The resurrection “Die wukop” story in Mbanga has taken another turn with another story popping up to clarify public opinion. The lady, people claim to have come back from the land of the dead is not actually the lady who died. Their resemblance is mind blowing and confusing.  A dead lady comes back to life […]

The Die wukop phenomenon (resurrection) is mostly seen in the Manyu division of the south west region. Most of you should know about the old TV series titled “Assimba” where a dead man woke up during his wake keeping and everyone disappeared even the Rev Father. The same phenomenon occurred in Mbanga, a locality in […]

The news fell today on the national radio station. The president of the republic H E president Paul Biya did some changes in the Ministry of Defence today Monday May 7th and the big news is that Brigadier General Donatien Melingui, head of military operation in the South West region has been removed and send […]

There are many, people who smoke They smoke for different reasons, some starts at a tender age not knowing, it causes illness and death. Smoking harms almost all the part of your body. Below are some reasons Destruction of heart and blood vessel destruction: Smoking don’t only affects your lungs, but your heart and blood […]

In less than two weeks, the convoys of the chief of staff, the governor and mine have been attacked said General Donatien Nouma Melingui, in charge of military operations in the south-west, one of the two anglophones regions in crisis. “The attacks come from everywhere, there are many small groups, led by comzones +”,  he […]

The Governor of the North West region, Lele L’Afrique Adolph was speaking in Bamenda after meeting with regional stake holders to plan ahead of the End of year examinations.  We are ready to face and crush those who will dare to disrupt the writing of the GCE and other exams.  These enemies shall be dealt […]

Doughnuts is a type of fried dough confection or desert food. This exceptional snack, is eaten in most part of the country and is done in various, forms.homemade or purchased in a store.(Google)  Learn how to make the best doughnuts of all time. Ingredients  Sugar   Butter   Eggs   Milk Baking powder  Cinnamon  Salt […]

Kwata people , one of Africa’s biggest awards, Kunde d’or ended a week ago in Burkina Faso with Reniss and Charlotte Dipanda bagging an award each. The ceremony which is to celebrate the culture of the people of Burkina Faso didn’t end well with one of the most respected Camer artists, Charlotte Dipanda. Internet user […]

Unidentified armed men stormed the parish early this morning to kidnap the man of God. According to reports, the operation was carried out at 5 am this morning during the morning mass.  Officials at the Bamenda Archdiocese have confirmed the kidnapping of Rev. Fr. William NIBA, a priest and principal of St Bede's College this […]

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