Tenor- Bad Things

Tenor- Bad Things »

31 Jul, 2017
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Tenor has been consistent with his releases, every song crazier than the previous one. This time around, we see him in sexy gloriousness,

Adah Akenji-Nanana

Adah Akenji-Nanana »

27 Jun, 2017
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Man of many talents Adah Akenji released a video for his single ‘nanana’ nothing less than what we were expecting, bomb visuals, new

Krotal ft Magasco- I di find my garri

Krotal ft Magasco- I di find my garri »

20 May, 2017
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Rap legend Krotal and the Bamenda boy, Magasco talk about life’s struggles in “I di find my garri”. Directed by Adah Akenji, enjoy great music.

Dora Decca -Il est la

Dora Decca -Il est la »

5 Apr, 2017
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Dora Decca is a part of the legendary music family with siblings such as Ben Decca and Grace Decca. After a long music

Seta Beatz- Oshe Baba ft Mic Monsta

Seta Beatz- Oshe Baba ft Mic Monsta »

7 Jan, 2017
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OSHE BABA is an original Gospel tune and first song off Seta’s upcoming EP featuring the lyrical monster Mic Monsta. Music video deirected

E.L.I ft TBK-Une Seul Fois

E.L.I ft TBK-Une Seul Fois »

7 Nov, 2016
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Come back  single from E.L.I featuring TBK in Une seul fois. Music video directed by Adah Akenji.

Ewube-Pop it

Ewube-Pop it »

23 Oct, 2016
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There has been alot of questions recently about the Ewube’s where abouts. She is here people! With her brand new single ‘Pop It’.

Tony Sunshine- Femme Africaine

Tony Sunshine- Femme Africaine »

7 Oct, 2016
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Here we have Tony Sunshine celebrating the African woman in his new single titled ‘Femme Africaine’. Video directed by Adah Akenji.

Myra Maimoh – Uniq

Myra Maimoh – Uniq »

4 Sep, 2016
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Myra Maimoh has finally released the long awaited single Uniq from her album ‘UNIQ’.This is the second single she has released from that